Task #1 - Leaving gym class

When the whistle blows put away equipement.
Run Two laps.
line up Quietly at gym door.
Wait for teacher dismissal.
Get drink from fountain.
Proceed to change room
Quickly and quietly return to class.
Take out homework or silent reading when you return to class.

Task #2 - Trading Home Reeading Books

Take home reading books from back pack.
Replace library card.
Find correct place in book shelf and replace.
Choose new book.
Sign out library card.
Place in backpack.

Task #3 - Tie Shoes

Grab one lace in each hand.
Pull the shoe laces tight with a vertical pull.
Cross the shoe laces.
Pull the front lace around the back of the other.
Put that lace through the hole.
Tighten the laces with a horizontal pull.
Make a bow.
Tighten the bow.