Why use graphic organizers?

What is visual learning and why is it important?
Support for visual use


MindMiester is an excellent program for collaborative web building. People can edit the web online. Great for group brainstorming. See my web Here

Venn - Used is any grade to compare two things. For example summer and winter, apples and oranges.
Comparison Matrix - Compares characteristics of more than one thing on a grid. Could be used in science to compare plants, trees, etc.
KWHL Chart - Used to gather info. What do we know? What do want to find out? How do we find out? What did we learn?
Neat simile comparison - This is a neat technique that links similar things through simile's. eg. School is old like grandpa.
Timeline - Describes a sequence of events or stages. Can be used for pre mapping a story or investigating a mystery.

Letter Matching - This is a tool for letter recognition.
dot to dot - this is useful for learning number sequences
Clock - Worksheets such as this is for reinforcement of learning about time.
Tree Chart - this chart can be used once a topic is picked, each large branch can be subtopics and related material for brainstorming of stories or projects

Other Ideas

Screens are a major part of students lifes. Use of Video Projectors can be seen as a reward for postive class behavior and also provide valuable learning that connects concepts with actually seeing it. Unitedstreaming.com is site that I have used to teach geometry. The video successfully showed students where geometrical concepts exist in the world.

M&M's and spreadsheets Video This video shows an example of classifying colors of m & m's. Fun activity for learning grouping and similarities.


Visual Literacy in Teaching and Learning:A Literature Perspective Suzanne Stokes


Inspiration- The Power of Visual Learning excellent examples of visual tools in use. Lots of stuff. Excellent link.

Graphic Organizers: Stimulate Thinking and Writing

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